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September 2016 – Poster Presentation Prominent Project At 9th Protein Summit 2016

September 2016 – Poster presentation Prominent project at 9th Protein Summit 2016

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Industry and academy experts gathered to discuss innovations and trends around future proteins

8.11.2016 12:00

​The 9th Protein Summit Creating new consumer value was held in Lille (France) in the end of September. The event consisted of a conference and exhibition and attracted food, feed and pet food manufacturers, ingredient manufacturers, technology companies and research institutes to share visions and to learn about different types of proteins and protein markets. VTT was active in the Summit with a stand presenting new technologies for future proteins. Team leader Emilia Nordlund from VTT gave a presentation about dry and wet fractionation of cereal side streams for protein separation (download presentation here). Best New Protein Food was awarded to Gold&Green Foods for Pulled Oats described as “a ‘perfect protein food’ that is 100% plant based and ecologically produced. It has a superior amino acid profile, more protein than chicken breast, a meat-like texture and delicious juicy taste.”

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