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September 2015 – Nutritech (Finland) Announcement Of Prominent Project

September 2015 – Nutritech (Finland) announcement of Prominent project

VTT NUTRITECH® is an Innovation Platform aiming at affordable and sustainable solutions for future food factories and intelligent nutrition. We deliver innovative solutions for healthy foods, safe and sustainable packaging, and digital health concepts and services.

BACKGROUND: Food marketplace is facing new challenges in delivering solutions of well-being and health maintenance to consumers. Governments also are increasingly intensifying preventive measures to health maintenance, and dietary strategies are one of the major tools. Sustainability as well as food safety and security issues steer the business of food sector more than before. By the increasing impact and importance of bioeconomy and sustainability issues in the national and global society, the food industry can develop new business opportunities and value chains in collaboration with the companies in non-food areas.

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NUTRITECH® combines VTT’s multidisciplinary skills in attempts to tackle global challenges related to well-being of humans and environment. We will help our customers to manage future sustainability trends and challenges as well as food safety and security issues. We also attack the challenges in overweight, metabolic syndrome and chronic diseases as well as the ageing population. This should be achieved while retaining the joy of eating and feeling good and delivering products which provide added value for the modern consumer. Our multidisciplinary approach targets at both consumer and environmental benefits.

Examples of potential outcomes of the new technologies include:

  • Re-inventing the food chain for efficient and sustainable processing and production
  • New and more unrefined raw materials for foods with reduced energy density and increased health value
  • Development of new plant based foods to meet the dietary and sustainability requirements
  • Sustainable and intelligent food packages.
  • Foods offering health benefits for certain risk groups with excellent palatability
  • Personalized dietary services, including diagnostics for monitoring nutritional status

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