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November 2016 – New Book Chapter On Oat Protein By VTT

November 2016 – New book chapter on oat protein by VTT

Sustainable Protein Sources edited by Nadathur, Wanasundara and Scanlin has been published. The book seeks to identify sustainable protein sources that would aid the nutrition of consumers in reducing animal-derived protein. In addition the role of agriculture in contributing to climate change and questions of the inequalities existing between populations on the planet are discussed. VTT’s scientists Outi Mäkinen, Nesli Sozer, Dilek Ercili-Cura and Kaisa Poutanen have written a chapter about oat protein including subchapters about oat as a protein crop, localization and structure of oat proteins, manufacture of oat protein isolates and concentrates, functionality and potential uses and future aspects.

Nadathur, Sudarshan R., Janitha PD Wanasundara, and Laurie Scanlin (2016), Sustainable Protein Sources (1st ed), Academic Press

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