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Mar 2018 – The Future Of Canola Protein

Mar 2018 – The future of canola protein

Gerard Klein Essink interviewed Gertjan Smolders, Manager R&D Venture Canola/Rapeseed Protein at the DSM Biotechnology Center, on his expert view related to new protein food developments. They spoke while preparing his presentation for the 13th Food Proteins Course, 18-20 April in Rotterdam Which new (high) protein food launches have inspired you in the last year? For us the key highlight of 2017 was the test launch of a plant-based high protein ice-cream containing our CanolaPRO™ in Finland, together with our partner BoFood. The purpose of this was to gain customer insights on what the consumers thoughts are when experiencing the new canola protein. Lots of inspiration! From the market, we were very pleased, while flying Eurowings, to see the Papicante snack bar. This new concept combining savory snacking with plant based proteins really fits current consumer demands. Also, the recently launched McVegan in Sweden and Finland is a great example of providing a good and sustainable protein source to address changing consumer demands. By the way, these applications could be perfectly served by CanolaPro™ as well.