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Feb 2018 – Free Bonus Seminar On New Protein Mining Technologies

Feb 2018 – Free Bonus Seminar on New Protein Mining Technologies

Free Bonus Seminar on New Protein Mining Technologies – The Research View on Wheat, Rice, Soy, Pea and Lupin (17 April in Rotterdam): This is a Free Seminar that will topic the results of the pas years of the PROMINENT project, which is aiming to develop techno-economically and environmentally viable protein ingredients and foods from wheat & rice side streams, and which will be finished June 2018. Join for free and attend presentations by VTT, Upfront, Suedzucker, Wageningen Universtity, LUKE, Fraunhofer and Bridge2Food. And combine it with a visit to the 13th Food Proteins Course between 18-20 April, Rotterdam (The Netherlands). Brochure: Join other companies in finding out the latest trends like: Roquette, DSM, Unilever. The 13th edition will see the experts of Ingredion, ADM, DSM, Bouwhuis Enthoven, Unilever, Avebe, Rousselot, F&F, Roquette, NIZO, and Wageningen Uni).  Food product developers will have a fantastic experience to learn about proteins and enhance their network.