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October 2016 – Presentation Dr. Emilia Nordlund, VTT Technologic Research Centre Finland At AACC International Annual Meeting In Savannah (USA), October 2016

October 2016 – Presentation Dr. Emilia Nordlund, VTT Technologic Research Centre Finland at AACC International Annual Meeting in Savannah (USA), October 2016

Dr Emilia Nordlund, research team leader at VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland, gave a presentation called Upgrading cereal side stream proteins for food use,  at the AACC International Annual Meeting in Savannah (USA), 23-26 October 2016. There is a global need to increase dietary intake of plant protein. Side-streams from cereal grain processing are a good source for new protein ingredients, but in order to utilize the potential of these under-exploited raw materials, there is a need to develop new protein fractionation technologies and to modify the protein concentrates to function in a variety of end products. The presentation describes technologies for development of protein ingredients from cereal industry side streams, focusing on cereal bran and spent grain. Concentration of proteins is often challenging as they are entrapped within the complex cell wall matrices. Furthermore, components that adversely affect sensory and nutritional quality are easily co-enriched with protein. Protein concentration can be based on dry fractionation, enzyme and solvent-aided wet fractionation, or their combinations. Dry fractionation techniques including milling and air-classification should disassemble interactions of cell walls, protein, starch and lipids in the plant cell matrix, and separation may be improved with pre-treatments such as SC-CO2 extraction. Thermo-mechanical re-structuring of raw materials prior to fractionation may enhance protein separation or extractability. Hydrolysis and modification of cell walls by bioprocessing with enzymes or microbes has in some cases improved protein separation in wet processing. Extraction with deep eutectic solvents is a new method for dissolving proteins from side streams, as recently demonstrated for spent grain.